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Prairie Garlic Farm

PGF Holiday Pack - Deluxe

PGF Holiday Pack - Deluxe

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The perfect gift to give this season! A replica of the Classic Holiday Box but elevated to include our limited edition Garlic Basil Salt.

What's included: A pound of our premium Garlic, 2oz package of our finely crafted Natural Garlic Powder (no added preservatives or fillers) and our exclusive Garlic Basil Salt, complete with premium garlic, fragrant basil, and pure sea salt. 

How to use our Garlic Basil Salt: Sprinkle it over roasted vegetables, pasta, or grilled meats to unlock a burst of savory goodness with a hint of herbal freshness. 

The Deluxe Holiday Box is the ultimate culinary pack, sure to impress the hostess with the mostest. After all, the best memories are created around a table filled with good food and great company. 

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